Annual Multi Point Inspection & Re-calibration Plus.

The Doctors #1 Prescription:

System Cleaner & Disinfectant System Cleaning Exterior Control & Timer Calibration Water Testing Free Internal Valve Part Replacement Software Update on Compatible Systems Media Elite Cleaner

We perform periodic maintenance on most brands to potentially prolong the working lifespan of your hardest working system in your home, while enhancing salt efficiency and provide you with the very best water quality.

Start Up Program

Realtors, Home Inspectors & Plumbers

Start Up Includes: Water Testing Unit Diagnosis Cleaning Exterior System Media Elite Cleaner Manual System Walk Through Service Programs

Filter Replacement

All drinking systems, UV systems and Whole House Reverse Osmosis System units have filters that need to be replaced on a regular schedule to keep them in top performance and eliminate a breeding ground for bacteria.

Routine Equipment Maintenance

We can perform routine maintenance on most brands to help lenghten the lifespan of your system, enhance salt efficiency and provide you with the quality water you deserve at an affordable price.

System Repair

When hard water finally starts getting the better of your system we are here to help. We can repair, rebuild or replace your system as necessary, according to your budget. Replacement systems receive up to 20% off the retail price of your new system.

Tune Up Service

Water Softener, Conditioner, Home Filtration System

Tune Ups are the most effective way to ensure your system in operating at maximum efficiency and that you proactively protect it from attrition and major repair problems. Our Tune Up service include water testing with certified methods, system calibration and our addition of your Exclusive Media Elite Cleaner: ask for it by name.